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of having a wider spread on the years. David Stenn (Harlow, Clara Bow) actually went to court and won. "Dedicated- Braintree, MA 1/26/07". I hope that with all the progress we've made recently in cooperating and discussing and respecting each others viewpoints, that we are not about to take a backwards step. Adam Pearce and Shane Hagadorn attacked Homicide at one point and it was stopped, but the ref refused to end it on. "Wrestler released from TNA". This photo is just not one of his better works. Goldenerafn 16:54, (UTC) You need software for your computer such as PowerDVD. Goldenerafn 02:11, (UTC) I've uploaded the image here so you can see. 100 In July Erazo was sidelined with a groin injury, which he tried to rehab without having to go through surgery.

The section was bloated, and covered the topic in far more depth than necessary. Goldenerafn 20:38, (UTC) Ethnicity edit What exactly was his ethnicity? Seems like theres family everywhere and no one knows they exist until you find them through chance like I did. As I understand it, mediation is intended for dealing with point issues between small numbers of users.

8 Homicide defeated Jay Lover for the vacant title that same night in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. The impromptu presentation of the surviving mural was displayed at the 1984 memorial. Look at counterexample 2 from : An image of a rose, cropped from an image of a record album jacket, used to illustrate an article on roses. I also think ArnieP has a good point about including other actors, so the inclusion of Madeleine Carroll in the "Lloyds" shot is good. Arniep 02:22, (UTC) Arniep 00:56, (UTC) I'm not Arniep's buddy, I've only seen him around the Wiki a few times. I would like only one line but right now, we are focusing on the photos and have dropped the bisexual discussion for now.

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What I read was that screen captures were okay. In March 2005, however, Homicide and Maff had a legitimate falling-out, with Homicide announcing that Maff had betrayed him, and that he would refuse to work for any promotion which employed Maff. Also, 2 site also has tens of thousands of recipients of highest US military honors and doesn't show him either by first or last name of tyrone. And I agree Witness should be in there. "3/19 ROH results in New York City: Report on Eddie Edwards's ROH Title win, Richards. In all of the code promo snpfish longshots the focus is on Charles Laughton and Power is well in the background.

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